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Cheap Screen Magnifier
The powerful screen magnifier for Windows, for only $24.95!

Employment and accessibility go hand in hand, Corporate India needs to realise the benefits of making their offices disabled-friendly by Peter Verhoeven on 28 October, 2006
Screen Reader and Magnifier Users Adviced Not Installing Internet Explorer 7 by Peter Verhoeven on 26 October, 2006
Microsoft Again creates New Accessibility Problems With Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista by Peter Verhoeven on 26 October, 2006
Rockbox Open Source Replacement For MP3 Firmware Give Visually Impaired Access to Ipods by Speech Support by Peter Verhoeven on 24 October, 2006
Chess software for visually challenged by Peter Verhoeven on 11 October, 2006
School web sites fail accessibility test by Peter Verhoeven on 06 October, 2006

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