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Ai Squared makes BIG waves at PC Expo
New magnification software is cause for many to rejoice!

New York, NY – Software magnification industry leader Ai Squared unveiled a new screen magnifier at PC Expo.  The new software, named BIGSHOT Screen Magnifier, is designed to help the wave of aging baby boomers, seniors and those suffering from computer eyestrain.  Judging from the overwhelmingly positive response from show attendees, BIGSHOT has arrived just in time.

According to Ben Weiss, company founder and president, “BIGSHOT is a natural outgrowth of our ZoomText? line of low-vision products. With BIGSHOT, we have adapted our screen magnification technology to meet the viewing needs of the typical computer user.”  With nearly 60 million people in this country suffering from computer-related vision problems, BIGSHOT will fill an immediate need.

The company’s new product introduces a dramatic improvement in the screen magnification.  BIGSHOT is the first product to provide magnification levels between 1x and 2x, with 20 sizes within that range.  The breakthrough technology, named vMag (variable magnification), also provides all-color smoothing and uses significantly less system resources than previous methods.

PC Expo attendees were thrilled with the simplicity of BIGSHOT and flocked to the booth for three days straight.  “This is just the thing I need” and “I know lots of people who could benefit from this”, were typical comments from the attendees.

Ai Squared has identified three primary markets for BIGSHOT: seniors, officer workers and laptop users.  “Computer usage by seniors is exploding and many are struggling to see the screen,” explained Ben Weiss.  “Officer workers are spending more time in front of monitors and eyestrain is becoming a big problem for businesses.  And can anyone see those tiny laptop screens?”

The company will also be using the new vMag magnification technology in the next major release of ZoomText.

 About Ai Squared

Founded in 1985 and located in the charming Vermont village of Manchester, Ai Squared has grown from a one-man operation into a team dedicated to providing accessibility solutions for low-vision computer users.  Free lifetime technical support is offered for all products, including ZoomText?, an industry standard for screen access software.  For more information about Ai Squared’s accessibility products, visit www.aisquared.com.  To learn more about BIGSHOT, visit www.bigshotmagnifier.com.

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