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Ai Squared Releases BigShot 2.1 Eyestrain Relief Now Available for Windows XP Users

December 17th, 2001 - Manchester, VT. Ai Squared, a worldwide leader in computer access solutions, today announced the release of BigShot(r) 2.1, featuring support for Windows XP. BigShot is an easy-to-use screen magnification program that allows users to fine tune the screen for more comfortable viewing. With BigShot 2.1, users can now enjoy the full benefits of Windows XP, without straining to see the screen. Twenty levels of magnification (105% to 200%) and two zooming modes allow you to magnify the entire screen or the active application window. BigShot automatically tracks mouse movement, keyboard input (typing) and highlighted items, keeping points of interest in view. BigShot is designed for use on laptops, desktop and LCD projectors and is ideal for personal and professional use. "BigShot is the perfect solution for individuals that suffer from computer eyestrain", said Ben Weiss, President of Ai Squared. "With a magnified image, you can view the screen from a comfortable distance, reducing eye irritation, discomfort and fatigue. We're pleased to extend these benefits to Windows XP users." Support for Windows XP also extends Ai Squared's commitment to CompatibilityOne - support for all Windows operating systems in a single package. In addition to Windows XP, BigShot 2.1 also supports Windows ME (Millennium Edition), Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Windows 98 and Windows 95. BigShot retails for $99 and can be purchased through Ai Squared resellers or online at www.bigshotmagnifier.com. Registered users can upgrade to BigShot 2.1 for $25. For further information about BigShot, contact the Ai Squared sales department at (802) 362-3612 or sales@aisquared.com. For computer users who's screen magnification requirements exceed the capabilities of BigShot, Ai Squared also offers ZoomText, featuring advanced magnification and screen reading software for individuals with vision loss. ZoomText provides 2x to 16x magnification, color and contrast enhancements, and a full-featured screen reader that speaks text aloud from applications and documents. ZoomText is available as a stand-alone magnifier for $395 (Level 1) or as a combined magnifier and screen reader for $595 (Level 2). BigShot users receive a $50 discount when upgrading to ZoomText. Headquartered in Manchester, Vermont, Ai Squared is a worldwide leader in computer access solutions for the visually impaired. Ai Squared's screen magnification and screen reading products dramatically improve a computer's usability and friendliness for the low vision user, raising their level of productivity, satisfaction and independence. The family of Ai Squared products includes ZoomText, BigShot and VisAbility. For more information please visit Ai Squared on the internet at www.aisquared.com

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