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The VisAble Scientific Calculator

The VisAble™ Scientific Calculator is the first and only large display calculator that allows low visioned users to perform scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations. Focus groups were used to determine the functionality and visibility requisites for each feature of the calculator, including its display, keypad and instruction manual.

The VisAble™ Scientific Calculator can be operated easily by a majority of low visioned users. In addition, people with “normal” vision often find it easier and more relaxing to use the highly visible VisAble™ Scientific Calculator for demanding scientific calculations.

Published surveys of high school students suggest that many visually impaired students are allowed “to slip by with less mathematical skill than they are capable of mastering” simply because the materials, time and assistance that they require are not available to them. Many students resist using “special” tools in the classroom because they do not want to appear different from their peers. Consequently, students with low vision systematically abandon science and mathematics courses as they progress through high school. These decisions have a profound impact on the future education and career options for these students.

Features of the VisAble™ Scientific Calculator


The VisAble™ Scientific Calculator is manufactured and distributed by: Betacom Corporation 2999 King Street West, Inglewood, Ontario CANADA L0N 1K0 Telephone: (905) 838-1411 Facsimile: (905) 838-1487 The VisAble™ Scientific Calculator was developed with support from the Ontario Rehabilitation Technology Consortium (ORTC), Industry Canada, Betacom Corporation, and the University of Waterloo Centre for Sight Enhancement (CSE).

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