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Magnified logo of Magic

Welcome to the Magic test page

Note that at July 1, 1997 the Magic product line is bought by Henter-Joyce from Henter Joyce.


On this page you find the results of testing Magic for Windows version 2.03 from Henter-Joyce.
Magic 2.03 is a total solution for people who need a screen magnifier. Magic version 2.x includes Magic for MS-DOS and Magic for Windows 3.1x or Windows 95/98.

Installation of the demo version, which you can download at my download page is very easy. After downloading the file MAGIC2.EXE, you run this file in a MS-DOS box and after the archive file is extracted, you run the setup program SETUP.EXE.
On this page I only give you the results of testing Magic for Windows. Note that Magic for Windows runs only in 256 colors mode, and not in 16 colors mode.
Magic for Windows has a good user interface. As you see in the windows below, the user interface has tabs and a menu bar. All the tabs are also in the menu options. If you want help, you need to select help from the menu bar.

Magic for windows user interface


Magic for Windows can magnify your screen up to twenty times. The quality of the magnification is very good. Also moving images like .avi and .mpg files, are magnified well. Magic for Windows only magnify in 256 colors mode. This can cause a problem, when you run Magic for Windows under Windows 95 and you must start Windows 95 in the protected VGA 16 colors mode. In such a situation you can not use Magic for Windows.
The only magnify mode of Magic for Windows is full screen. Full screen magnification means, that all what you see on your screen is magnified.
As you can see below in the magnification window, the split, lens and magniport features are grayed out and not available. These magnification modes are planned for a future release of Magic for Windows.


Tracking means that the magnification software follows changes on the screen. When you press the ALT + F keys, to open a file menu, the magnification must jump to that menu. If Windows gives a message or warning, the magnification must jumps to that message or warning.
Magic tracks on the mouse cursor, carets, menus, toggle boxes etc. Magic for Windows has problems to track the start menu in Windows 95. And has also problems tracking the bitmaps and text if you press ALT + TAB to select another task in Windows.


Whilst tracking is the process that the magnification software follows events on the screen, reviewing is the process that you can look around what is on the screen, or read text on the screen. Like all screen magnifier software, you can review the screen in Magic for Windows with the mouse cursor. Fot the most smooth tracking whilst using the mouse cursor to track, check the predictive option in the magnification menu.
Because you can get physical problems with reviewing to much with the mouse cursor, there is a review option called panning in magic for Windows. By pressing the keys CTRL + SHIFT + P the magnification pans from the current mouse cursor position. By pressing CTRL + SHIFT + W the magnification starts panning at the top of the active window. By pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + [, the magnification begins to pan at the top of the screen. The window panning is very useful to read text in a window. It skips the contents of the screen, that does not belong to the window.
Magic for windows offer you the possibility to configure the panning feature. Whilst you are in panning mode you can increase speed by pressing the num pad + key, you can decrease by pressing the num pad - key. You can jump some pixels to the right by pressing the right arrow key. You can jump some pixels to the left, by pressing the left arrow key. You can change the direction of the panning by using the arrow keys
If you are in panning mode, you can select something by clicking the mouse. The panning feature of Magic, is a very good feature. Only the the vertical pan direction is to fast, also if you minimize it.
Below you see the panning configue window of Magic for Windows.

The Magic for Windows panning options


Magic for Windows offers you the possibility to reverse the colors. You can do this by checking the reverse option in the magnify configuration box, or by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + R. Like most screen magnifier software offers the possibility to reverse only black and white, Magic for Windows does not offer this possibility.


Overview lets you see where you are on the real screen. Most screen magnifier software offer this feature. Magic for Windows does not offer a overview feature.


Magic for Windows offers you the possibility to invert the mouse color in the magnify configutation window, or by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + I. As you see below Magic for Windows also offers the possibility to change all the hotkeys. You can simply change a hotkey, by selecting the feature you want to change the hotkey. Click in the box with the key combination. Make this box empty. Press the key combination you want for that feature. In the hotkey box you see the new hotkey.


Magic for Windows is a good screen magnifier. It offers a total solution for people with low vision. It includes a program Magic for MS-DOS and a program for Windows 3.1x and Windows 95. You can get problems if you work with Windows 95 and had to start Windows 95 in the protected VGA 16 colors mode. You have no magnifier then, because Magic for Windows runs only in 256 colors mode. So Magic for Windows is less flexible and portable as LPDOS or ZOOMTEXT. There is no overview feature. The panning feature of Magic for Windows is very good. it is also strange that the demo version of Magic for Windows has not all the features available.


FromHenter Joyce
SystemMS-DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95
PriceMagic for Windows 3.1/95/98 $349, Magic for Windows NT $695