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The AWARD for the Best Screen Magnifier for Windows in 2002 goes again to ZoomText Xtra from AiSquared
1. ZoomText Xtra 54.9%130
2. Lunar / LunarPlus / Supernova 27%64
3. Magic 13.9%33
4. ProVision 2.5%6
5. Magnum 1.7%4
Total: 237
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Low Vision News

Wednesday, June 04, 2003
What is included in Zoomtext 8?

Monday, June 02, 2003
AiSquared Releases ZoomText 8!
Freedom Scientific Releases MAGic 8.02! Licensed users of MAGic 8 can download the update for free.

Thursday, May 15, 2003
Mobile Phones Made Accessible by Speech Support

Thursday, April 03, 2003
Lunar / LunarPlus / Hal / Supernova 5.2 Released!

Friday, March 21, 2003
ZoomText 8 Public Beta 1 Released!

Monday, February 17, 2003
Space Technology helps the blind and partial sighted
New Chat Application Includes Accessibility Features for Users of Screen Readers and Screen Magnifiers

Thursday, February 06, 2003
UK Government to get tough over Web accessibility

Wednesday, February 05, 2003
Jim Halliday - Not All Windows CE Devices Are Equal

New! July 24, 2002
Dolphin Releases Version 5.1 of Lunar, LunarPlus, Hal and SuperNova!
Now includes an excelent color changer, that improves web page reading for the low vision.
Click here to read what is new in version 5.1 of Dolphin products
Click here to download a free trial version of one of the Dolphin products.

New! July 5, 2002
WebFormator, the FREE Internet Explorer add-on to create text-only web pages by a press of one key, now reads flash-pages!
Click here to read more about WebFormator
Click here to Download WebFormator

New! May 24, 2002
ZoomText Xtra 7.11 Released!
Read more about ZoomText Xtra 7.11
Licensed users of ZoomText 7.10, Download your free ZoomText 7.11 update.

New! May 14, 2002
Microsoft and AT Vendors solve GDI+ problem with commercial screen magnifiers!
Click here to read the article about the GDI+ solution

New! April 25, 2002
Premier Programming Solutions starts releasing new screen magnifier and screen reader software on May 20, 2002!
Click here to read more about the Screen Magnifier
Click here to read more about the Screen Reader

New! March 8, 2002
Window-Eyes 4.2 from GW-Micro, first screen reader, that give users access to web sites with Flash content!
Click here to read the details
Click here to visit GW-Micro

New! March 8, 2002
Freedom Scientific Releases MAGic 8 for Windows NT/2000!
Click here to read the announcement

New! March 7, 2002
Supernova 5.02 important update released!
Click here for more details

January 30, 2002
AiSquared announces ZoomText 8 to be released in spring 2002.
Click here to read about the new features in ZoomText 8

January 18, 2002
Microsoft's Accessible Technology Group responce to article "New Microsoft GDI+ Technology causes inaccessibility for users of Commercial Screen Magnifiers".
Click here for more details

January 8, 2002
New Microsoft GDI+ technology, makes new Microsoft products inaccessible for users of commercial screen magnifiers
Click here for more details
GDI+ issue worked on by American Council of the Blind

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Screen magnifiers are developed for people with low vision.
Screen magnifiers can magnify the contents of the logical computer screen from 2 until unlimited times. Most magnification programs offer a maximum magnification to 16 times.
On the physical computer screen, you get a portion of the normal screen.
You can view the whole screen by scrolling over the screen using the mouse or the keyboard. While moving the mouse the information on the screen changes.
The screen magnifiers are specially developed for people with low vision, who can not read on a normal screen. This group is relatively small. Maybe that is the reason why most screen magnification software is expensive.
In some countries you can get the software paid for you by the government or a social health organization. But this is not the case in all countries.

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