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New Accessible Word Game

07 December, 2007 by Peter Verhoeven

7-128 Software, Simply Entertainment, has just released, Synonyms and Antonyms a new game that is accessible to blind and visually impaired players. It speaks either Synonym or Antonym and a word, and then speaks a list of words. You pick the synonym or antonym from a menu.

Itís surprisingly challenging, given that you never know whether youíre going to be asked for a synonym or antonym and that youíre working against the clock. It has 10 levels and an Easy button. It is self-voicing and works with JAWS. It works with the magnification part of ZoomText. It includes BigType and works with Windows High Contrast settings. It runs in the 7-128 Software Game Book and costs $5.

Synonyms and Antonyms was developed by a former college professor.

It joins nine accessble games previously released by 7-128 Software.

Like all 7-128 Software games, a free demo is downloadable at

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