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System access To Go Online Screen Reaeer Now Free

02 February, 2008 by Peter Verhoeven

The Accessibility Is a Right (AIR) Foundation has made available System Access To Go online screen Reader free on their web site. SA to Go is a limited screen reader with only speech support and works on most latest Windows versions.

In a press release the AIR foundations suggests that System access To Go also provides screen magnification and support for braille, but that is not true.

We can be happy that we can welcome a new free online screen reader on the Internet, but mentioning System access To Go an advanced accessibility tool is realy nonsense and a misleading of potential sponsors and decision makers. It does not support applications like Microsoft Outlook or Adobe acrobat and it is not suitable on the work place. System Access to Go is a nice tool when you want access to a computer in a hotel, but it is not a solution to get access to all digital information. The AIR foundation has a long road to go!

It is nice that there is an organization that want us give free tools to access digital information, because accessibility is a right. But may we also ask for professional tools? Tools that give us realy access to all digital information!

Visit Accessibility Is a Right, to try out a free online screen reader

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Visit iZoom Web a free online screen magnifier with speech suppot.

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