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MP3 Player IPod Nano 4th Generation, Now Supports Spoken Menus

19 September, 2008 by Peter Verhoeven

The Ipod Nano 4th generation from Apple, is now accessible for the visually impaired. It now supports spoken menus and the ability to enlarge the font size.

One of the most read articles on, is Rockbox Open Source Replacement For MP3 Firmware Give Visually Impaired Access to Ipods.

In this article you can read how I access an IPod Nano 1th generation, by replacing the Apple's firmware by the open source Rockbox firmware. Rockbox turned the for visually impaired inaccessible IPod Nano 1st generation in an accessible MP3 player by adding spoken menus.

This week Apple released the IPod Nano 4th generation. Most remarkable new features in this release are support of spoken menus and large font sizes. Visually impaired now can browse and select audio files on IPod Nano without viewing the screen. A synthesized voice speaks the names of menus, songs and artists.

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