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Dolphin Computer Access Launch the Dolphin Scripting Zone

13 November, 2008 by Peter Verhoeven

Dolphin Computer Access announced the official launch of the Dolphin Scripting Zone at This dedicated mini-site is now available and open to all Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus users, 30-day demo customers and budding script writers. Visitors can download and rate a free script, find a script writer, contribute to the scripting forum or learn more about Dolphin Scripting.

Dolphin’s Scripting Engine is uniquely powerful in offering the flexibility to customise the behaviour of Dolphin’s screen magnifying, screen reading and Braille display support in one unique script. This single script can then be adopted by Supernova Reader Magnifier, Hal Screen Reader, Lunar Screen Magnifier and LunarPlus Enhanced Screen Magnifier users alike. Dolphin Scripting does not replace Dolphin's mapping facility in enabling improved access to applications, but through the addition of Dolphin’s Scripting engine it creates a unique environment that is both powerful, flexible and unmatched. Mike Hill, Dolphin’s Development Director explains “The scripting engine gives you more choice; you can completely script an application, or you can completely map the application, or if you want to you can combine the two for a quicker and more powerful approach. Ultimately the choice is yours!”

"Dolphin do not charge an extra fee for the Scripting functionality and it comes included with Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus. We believe that the benefits should be available to ALL of our screen magnification, screen reader and Braille users."

“Dolphin’s Scripting engine was originally introduced in version 9 of Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus and its functionality has been growing quickly and consistently over the last 6 months. The launch of the dedicated Scripting Zone coincides with the official release of version 10”

Dolphin Scripting has already proved its substance in many of the version 9 and 10 features that users already know and love, from improved WinAmp support to Office 2007 ribbon support, in addition to the frequent free that are delivered direct to customers via Dolphin’s internet updater. However the Scripting Zone offers users the chance to download FREE scripts including the ‘Dolphin Tip of the Day’ Script, a ‘Half Speed spelling’ script, a nifty Windows Explorer script that delivers concise header and column information, as well as many others. Users can then rate the scripts they download or even propose their own brilliant scripting idea.

Dolphin Computer Access have already trained an international team of Dolphin accredited script writers who are listed on the scripting zone and are available for private script writing contracts. Equally Dolphin offer their own Scripting services in the UK, US & Sweden. Steve Bennett, Dolphin’s Sales Director explains that Dolphin Scripting is already proving a popular choice.

“We are being approached by companies and individuals on a daily basis. The demand seems to stem from their desire for a total solution that includes a magnifier, a full screen reader as well as Braille display support. Being able to run one access technology solution that meets the individual needs of all visually impaired uses is an attractive prospect. Total accessibility is a top priority for organisations that are looking to comply with current disability legislation”

Thanks to the synergy of Dolphin Scripting and Supernova’s magnification, screen reading and Braille, Supernova just got a whole lot more powerful and the possibilities appear endless!

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