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Issist Inc Announces iZoom2Go Screen Magnifier on USB Drive

10 November, 2005 by Peter Verhoeven

License agreements preventing you from using software YOU own? Tired of installing your favorite magnifier over and over on different machines just to use it for a few minutes? Need an administrator to grant you access before you can install anything?

iZoom2Go is the worlds first truly portable access solution available on a USB drive. You simply plug it in and it starts up. No installation, no administrative access, no license agreements, no hassles. It simply works... PERIOD!

Dolphin was the first Adaptive Technology company distributing their screen magnifier and reading software on an USB device.
Pre-installing access software on such a device give visually impaired people, who are highly dependent from this kind of software to access a computer, more flexibility to access computers on different locations.

Problem with the Dolphin USB solution is, that you need administration rights on the computer to install a special Driver Chain Manager program.
Often it is hard to find somebody having these permissions and on most locations like schools, libraries and hotels you have not these permissions.
But in a large number of other situations the Dolphin USB pen realy is a great solution and a step forward, offering users of screen magnifier and reader software more flexibility.

AiSquared, market leader in screen magnifier software with Zoomtext and BigShot, didn't improve more flexibility in the latest version of Zoomtext, but limited licensing by introducing an old fashion activation technology.
Instead of protecting their software against piracy by pre-installing Zoomtext on an USB device, they use an activation technology that need Internet access.

For AiSquared the fight against piracy seems to have the highest priority, instead of users of their software asking for more flexibility and mobility.
If AiSquared continues to show contempt for visually impaired users asking for more flexibility, I forecast the end of this company.

Professional screen magnifiers like Zoomtext, Lunar and Magic cost $395. For a lot of people this price is to high. Some of them find funds or get it paid by social security, but for the majority these kind of solutions are inaccessible because of the high cost.

In March 2005 the Canadian company Issist Inc releases iZoom. A free professional screen magnifier / reader for Windows 2000 / XP.
Disadvantage of this free program is, that magnification on the Internet is limited. Only on web sites from companies and organizations sponsoring iZoom, iZoom works without magnification limitations.

In november 2005 Issist Inc releases iZoom 1.2 standard.
This screen magnifier / reader product does not have any magnification limitation like the free version has on the Internet and cost $79.

Issist Inc now shows, that they realy understand the needs of visually impaired dependent frm screen magnifier software to access a computer.

iZoom2Go possesses all the features of iZoom Standard and... it's not locked down to a machine! You can attach it to your keychain and take it with you anywhere you go. All your settings are saved on the USB drive so you don't have to reconfigure it on every new machine. It'll work on any Windows 2000 or XP machine. So the next time you get on a machine at your library, your school, a friend's place, you can relax knowing that their machine isn't affected and you can use it as freely as you would your own.

iZoom2Go is scheduled to begin shipping early 2006.
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