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DesktopZoom Screen Magnifier For Windows 2000 / XP Includes Full Screen Magnification

17 February, 2006 by Peter Verhoeven

DesktopZoom is a small but free feature rich screen magnifier utility for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, that supports three magnification modes, including full screen magnification.

There are many free screen magnifier utilties available. Most of them can be downloaded from this weebsite, but there are less magnifier utilities that support full screen magnification.

Full screen magnification is a typical feature of professional screen magnifiers like Lunar, Magic and Zoomtext. Full screen magnification means, that everything you see on your monitor is magnified and that you can access all areas of your desktop by moving the mouse around.

In 2005 iZoom was released by iZoom was the first free screen magnifier utility for Windows 2000 / XP featuring full screen magnification. The only limitation of this free version is that limits magnification on the Internet to three times. If you need more magnification you can buy iZoom 1.2 for $79, without any magnification limitation on the Internet.

iZoom does not include all of the features that come with real professional screen magnifiers like Lunar and Zoomtext, but it can be a great solution for a lot of people, including those with less money in their pocket.

DesktopZoom is, with its 176 KB in size, a very small screen magnifier utility for Widnows 2000 / XP with full screen magnification support.
I only had problems to see the mouse cursor in full screen magnification mode and I hope this will be improved in future vesrsions.
Other suggestions for improvement are more keyboard support for changing the level of magnification and switching between magnificatio mode.

The other two magnification modes in DesktopZoom are magnify an area around the mouse cursor and magnify in a fixed window on your desktop.

You can save your magnification settings and there is no need to install DesktopZoom. Only ownload and run the program.

For more information Visit DesktopZoom MyLinksAdmin Page.
Download DesktopZoom Free Screen Magnifier

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