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Dolphin Releases version 7 of Supernova, Hal, Lunarplus en Lunar

01 June, 2006 by Peter Verhoeven

Dolpin has released version 7 of their range of access software. Supernova is a screen reader plus screen magnifier for the Windows platform, including braille, speech en magnification suppot.

Hal is a screen reader, including braille en speech support.

Lunarplus is a screen magnifier with speech supot and Lunar is a professional screen magnifier.

It seems, that version 7 of the Dolphin products does not include much new features and it is a pity that Dolphin does not solve the major problem in their software: inaccessibility to a lot of programs.

Dophin include so called MAP Files to their access products. These MAP files define the behaviour and objects like menus and buttons of an individual program.

The number of MAP Files included with the access product is very small. MAP Files for most Microsoft programs are included, but you do not find support for thousands of other Windows programs.

I serveral times asked Dolphin to create an MAP File for me, because a program was inaccessible, but I never got any.

What is new in version 7:

Doc Reader

The new DocReader window is designed for reading long text documents with minimum effort. Using the DocReader feature, the full text document, webpages and emails are read within a special environment window where the text can be customized and read more easily.
The DocReader window can be formatted to a single line or word wrapped to fit your screen or Braille display. You can choose to line wrap the text to a user selectable number of characters per line, which is perfect for Braille displays, where you can select 44 characters or 88 characters per line. As well as announcing and highlighting each individual word as it is spoken, the Doc Reader also includes the ability to highlight each line, sentence or paragraph, so low vision users can clearly see the context of each word within each line, sentence or paragraph. Unlike other low vision Doc Readers, all of the features are easily selectable from the toolbar, which is mouse and keyboard accessible. The usual choices of speed, colour, font and zoom level are available.
If you need to switch applications whilst using the Doc Reader, there is no need to close the Doc Reader window first. Unlike other software programs, Dolphin’s Doc Reader does take over the full computer screen, so users are still able to switch to another application and back to the Doc Reader, quickly and easily in the usual way.

Control Panel

Change the way the control panel looks with this new stylish and intuitive Button Bar. The new Button Bar option is perfectly suited to mouse users and those who prefer a more compact view.

Click and Document Read with mouse pointer

Click and Document Read allows you to start the document read function from anywhere within a document, email or web page, by simply using the mouse pointer centre click.
Announce text under mouse
Mouse users wanting additional speech support are now able to hear any text appearing under the mouse pointer, including menus, icons and document text.
Automatic Update System
Version 7.01 can be set to check automatically for product updates daily, weekly or monthly. Now you can be sure you always have the latest updates installed.
Increased Mouse wheel functionality
Mouse users wanted the ability to alter the magnification level by using the mouse wheel. This is now included. The mouse wheel can also be configured to operate as any hotkey.
Repeated Character management
Where repeated characters are common within file names, menus and documents, you now have the ability to manage the amount of repeated information that is spoken.
Paired Number announcements
Where mulitple numeric characters are used, such as telephone numbers, you are now able to choose to have these spoken as pairs of digits, making the announcement more consistent with everyday language.
Literary Braille Input.
Grade 2 Literary Braille Input is now available for English, Dutch and German Braille, using the six buttons.
Cicero Integration.
If you use Dolphin’s Cicero hardcopy text reader and it is installed on your computer (version 3.02 and above only), you will now be able to operate Cicero from within the Dolphin Control Panel.
Mouse Pointer Management
You can now choose from a complete range of extra large mouse pointers, in a range of different contrast colours, to help you locate the mouse on the screen.

CCTV compatibility

Supernova, Lunar and LunarPlus are now compatible with a range of CCTVs, including the MLS range form Low Vision International and the ClearNote from Optelec.

Visually impaired CCTV users now have the ability to use the magnification split screen feature to magnify both the PC and the camera screen at the same time without any need to adjust the settings. It works straight out of the box.

For further information visit the Dolphin website

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