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New Screen Magnifier Lightning Give Visually Impaired More Freedom

04 August, 2006 by Peter Verhoeven

Lightning is a new magnification software program for the modern fast PC.
It supports up to 16 times magnification, including full screen magnification. Important is, that you can copy Lightning on an USB device and use it on any Windows XP computer, without the need to install anything on that computer.

While old companies like AiSquared and Freedom Scientific continue to restrict the freedom of visually impaired people, by protecting their Adaptive Software (Zoomtext, Magic and Jaws) with all kind of visually impaired unfriendly registration policies, new companies in the Adaptive Technology industry better seem to understand the real needs of the visually impaired.

We already know the software of Dolphin Computer Access on a USB device "Dolphin Pen" and the free and cheap screen magnifier iZoom from
Also has a USB version of iZoom "iZoom2go".

The new screen magnifier in this market is Lightning.
Lightning can magnify up to 16 times, including video clips.
Lighting can run directly from a USB Memory stick. So plug it into any computer and Lightning will run automatically. No additional software or drivers are needed on the computer you inserted the USB with Lighting.

Key features include:
- Magnify the screen up to 16 tiems;
- Change the shape or size of letters and pictures;
- Invert on screen colours for better contrast;
- Font smoother;
- Full screen magnification;
- Magnifying Lens
- Strip magnifier;
- Vertical And Horizontal Split Screens.

Lighing cost $180 and you can download a free 15 days trial.

More information at

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