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The Magnifier 1.5 Beta - Now With Support For Full Screen Magnification

31 July, 2007 by Peter Verhoeven

Innovation Management Group has released a public beta of The Magnifier 1.5. The Magnifier 1.5 is cheap screen magnification utility for Windows 2000, XP and Vista and now includes full screen magnificaiton.

It is long ago, that a new version of The Magnifier was released. In 1998 I wrote, that it was one of the best screen magnifiers in the area of free- and shareware, because The Magnifier could magnify under itself. Since then The Magnifier was downloaded 1000 times, which means it is not realy popular on What's cool. Most important reasosn for this seems, that it is not freeware. If people have to choose between paying or getting it free, they choose the last.

The Magnifier 1.5 is an intesting screen magnifier. Important is that we can welcome it in the growing group of screen magnifier utilities with full screen magnificaiton. The Magnifier can magnify from 1 to 40 times and can best be compared with the free DesktopZoom screen magnifier.

Compared with Desktopzoom I think the user-interface of The Magnifier is easier to understand and there is a better support for using hotkeys. With ALT + 2 trough ALT + 9 you can change magnificaiton from 2 through 9 times. With ALT + = and ALT + -, you can increase and decrease magnification step-by-step, with ALT + I you can invert colors and with ALT + C you can toggle between cursor and no cursor. With ALT + N you can show or hide cursor lines, ALT + H hides the magnifier window, ALT + Z toggles between full screen and area magnification and ALT + Q quits The Magnifier.

Also caret tracking while entering text, seems to be performing better in The Magnifier than in DesktopZoom. Nice is, that after entering Google, magnification immediately jumps to the text box, where you can enter the words you are searching for.

What makes DesktopZoom a better solutions for many is, that you can run it from an USB device. The Magnifier needs an installation and I'm afraid it can not be installed on an USB device.

What The Magnifier and DesktopZoom both are missing, is tracking of any other events in Windows, like menus, links, TABs, Checkboxes, Radio buttons and other kind of Windows controls. As long they do not support these kind of tracking, we can not mention them professional screen magnifiers. Screen magnifiers like Lunar, MAGic and ZoomText remain superior to these screen magnifiers.

You can now participate in The Magnifier beta test and try The magnifier yourself for free. The Magnifiers will be sold for $24.95 with limited support and $49.95 with technical support.

Visit The Magnifier page and download the 1.5 beta

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