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Free Full Screen Magnifier For Windows DesktopZoom 2.1 Now Features Tracking

13 October, 2007 by Peter Verhoeven

A new revolution in the area of free screen magnification is here, DesktopZoom now features tracking of all kind of Windows objects, including Windows Start menu, menus, buttons, check boxes and radio boxes. With this release the gap between freeware screen magnification and professional screen magnification declines.

Most of you will think that a point release from 2.0 to 2.1 does not mean much. Most of professional screen magnifier users are thinking this, because a point release mostly means that you have to pay for a new release, without any relevant new feature.

In my opinion the author of DesktopZoom, whom I only know under is nickname LittleGems.Admin, better could release this version under 3.0 instead of the 2.1 he did now. This because DesktopZoom now tracks the most important windows object.

The most important features for visually impaired in a screen magnifier are full screen magnification and tracking. The previous version of DesktopZoom already includes full screen magnification and caret tracking, but version 2.1 adds tracking of the most important Windows objects and events.

For example pressing the Windows key on your keyboard results DesktopZoom magnification jumping to the highlighted menu item in your start menu. Pressing the down or up cursor keys, result in moving magnification to the highlighted menu items. Also if you are in an application like Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word, pressing the ALT key results in a jump of the magnification to the menubar. If you press ALT + F4 in your favorite text editor without saving your work, DesktopZoom tracks the warning message asking you if you want to save your work first before exiting, by jmmping the magnification to the default selected button.

Also if you are in a form with checkboxes and radio boxes, desktopZoom is tracking the focus properly. Also navigating on the Internet is much easier now with DesktopZom, because by pressing the TAB key in your favorite WebBrowser result in jumping the magnification to the selected hyperlink. Also if you press ALT + TAB to switch to another task on your computer, DesktopZoom tracks the highlighted icon of the application.

Other important new featurs in version 2.1 are more support of shortcuts for changing the magnification level and turning tracking and crosshair on and off.

LittleGems.Admin also announces speech support in the next release of DesktopZoom. This will mean, that DesktopZoom will continue to close the gap with professional screen magnifier.

If you need speech support with screen magnification to access your computer I recommend using DesktopZoom and NVDA. NVDA is a very good free screen reader for Windows and works very well together with DesktopZoom. Both programs do not install any driver software and you can install them both on a USB stick.

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