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Optelec Announces Innovated Near and Distance Low Vision Solution with the FarView

28 November, 2008 by Peter Verhoeven

Optelec announced the release of FarView, a portable and powerful magnification solution that redefines how low vision users are able to access, store, review and share information.

The unique design of the Optelec FarView and incomparable functionality of near and distance viewing sets a new standard for other portable and desktop devices currently on the market.

The FarView enables the user to store the data for up close review in more detail at any time. Capture a complete document or multiple pages of a book or magazine. Up to 100 images can be stored on the device and accessed at any given moment. Stored images can be adjusted to the users needs via an integrated menu. Ergonomic scrolling buttons help the user to navigate through any document easily and comfortably, with an auto-scroll function which brings the user back to the beginning of the text line within a snap. Adjust images and text to the needs of the user though rotation, picture alignment, contrast and brightness settings.

Also, FarView offers the user flexibility to connect to an external monitor or PC, encouraging the user to access printed text and photos comfortably and efficiently, and share this information with colleagues, friends and family.

"We are ecstatic to be bringing a product such as FarView to an industry thirsting for innovation," states Michiel van Schaik, CEO of Optelec Holding B.V. "We at Optelec are 100% committed to combining the intelligence within a product with a flexible, powerful design in order for the consumers of our products to exponentially receive more functionality for the money that they spend."

Whether the needs are for on-the-go portability, viewing street signs, storing class notes, reviewing important documents, reading the morning newspaper or sharing information the Optelec FarView puts freedom and independence in the palms of the user.

Optelec expects to be delivering FarView to users in January, 2009. Contact your local Optelec distributor or sales office for more information and pricing details.

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