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The Phone Monocle Brings New Hope for Cell Phone Users Who Can Never Find Their Reading Glasses

09 February, 2005 by Peter Verhoeven

Magnifics Inc. a California manufacturing company has provided the solution to hard to read cell phone pda gps and other small electronic device displays by introducing the Phone Monocle.

For millions of people the arrival of the Phone Monocle on the market means no more searching for reading glasses to answer your cell phone, use your PDA, and Palm The Phone Monocle is here.

The Phone Monocle.
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In California there is a company that holds the patents for magnifiers for cell phones, PDA's and Palms and GPS. These Phone Monocles" are available in 7 popular colors and allows the screen of any phone to be enlarged for easier viewing. No more reaching for the reading glasses to answer and see the phone display.

Video streaming and games are easier to see and play. The Company is Magnifics Inc. The Phone Monocle is the name of the outrageous magnifiers that are sweeping the market. You can see these products at

In 2004 The Phone Monocle was recognized as one to the top 100 inventions of 2004 for the aid in vision impaired, seniors and baby boomers. The Phone Monocle was also shown on Discovery Channel and had a debut on Tech TV. With the additional patents that Ms. Taylor was awarded around the world, the company Magnific's Inc. and The Phone Monocle will be sure to become a household word.

About Us
The Idea behind The Phone Monocle comes from a woman named Joanie Taylor. She has 18 years of Ophthalmology and vision experience. She stated that most of her patients were unable to use the popular cell phones due to their age and vision difficulty.

Ms. Taylor designed and created her company Magnifics Inc. Raised the capital on her own to bring The Phone Monocle to life.

The Phone Monocle is created out of a hypoallergenic material that stretches around any small hand held products.

Magnify your display 2-4 times depending on the type of Phone you use.

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