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Considering the purchase of an expensive CCTV?  Before you empty your
wallet, get the info on Ai Squared's forthcoming VisualScan software. Used
with a scanner, VisualScan makes viewing and reading printed material easy
and enjoyable.
Designed for the visually-impaired, VisualScan offers variable
magnification, fast navigation, automatic text review, simple form filling
and magnified printing.  Its sleek user interface features intuitive
controls and an assortment of one-button operations that make VisualScan a
snap to learn.
Scanning and viewing couldn't be easier.  A simple click on the scan button
and your material appears on the screen.  You can zoom in and out to get the
exact magnification level you need, up to a whopping 100x!  Simply move the
mouse towards an edge of the screen and your image will smoothly pan - the
closer you get, the faster it moves.
Ready for some hands-free reading?  VisualScan automatically pans through
lines of text - in the correct reading order!  Line by line, column by
column, VisualScan's review feature lets you read the entire page, with the
touch of a single button.  Try doing that on a CCTV!
 "We truly believe that VisualScan is superior to CCTVs in every way", says
Ben Weiss, President of Ai Squared.  "With VisualScan, you can read faster
with better comprehension and less eyestrain, not to mention save a lot of
money.  Who wants a clunky old CCTV on their desk, when you could be using
cool new software that works better."
Just imagine, all your materials - letters, magazines, handwritten notes and
pictures can be magnified and viewed effortlessly.  VisualScan will run in
all versions of Microsoft Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000 and ME) and will support
all popular scanners and printers.  Watch our website, www.aisquared.com
, for more details on the release of VisualScan.

VisualScan vs. CCTV's

Automatic hands-free readingYesNo
Smooth and clear panningYesNo
Maximum Magnification Level100x10x to 50x
Always in FocusYesSome models
Advanced Form FillingYesNo
Magnified PrintingYesNo
Save and recall imagesYesNo
Color ImagesYesSome models
Continuous line readingYesNo
Upgradeable to speech outputYesNo

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