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ZoomText Annual Subscription Plan Unveiled Staying up-to-date is now easy and affordable

December 1st, 2001 - Manchester, Vermont.

Ai Squared, the makers of ZoomText(r) magnification and screen-reading software, today announced the availability of their new ZoomText Annual Subscription Plan. ZoomText users now have an easy and affordable means of keeping their software up-to-date.

Ai Squared frequently releases new versions of ZoomText, including upgrades that add new features and functionality, and maintenance releases that enhance performance and compatibility. By purchasing a ZoomText Subscription Plan, users will automatically receive all upgrades and maintenance releases for an entire year, with no additional charges. This convenience, combined with automatic subscription renewal, insures that you are always running the latest and best release of ZoomText.

"Our new ZoomText subscription plan saves our users time and money," said Ben Weiss, President of Ai Squared. "The burden of researching, comparing, ordering and paying for individual releases is eliminated. We automatically deliver the latest features and technical updates on CD, right to your door."

The ZoomText Annual Subscription Plan is $99 for Level 1 users and $149 for Level 2 users. Subscription plans are also available for ZoomText multi-user licenses, with pricing based on the total number of users. The plan guarantees at least two paid upgrades during the 12-month subscription period, with the period automatically extended until both upgrades have been delivered. Users who purchase the subscription now will receive the upcoming 7.1 and 8.0 releases of ZoomText. To qualify for the subscription, you must own a version of ZoomText within the latest major release - currently version 7. This means that users of ZoomText 6 and earlier must upgrade to version 7 before they can subscribe. However, through the end of January 2002, these users can join the subscription plan and receive the required upgrade for free. For further information about the ZoomText Annual Subscription Plan, contact the Ai Squared's sales department at (802) 362-3612 or sales@aisquared.com.

Headquartered in Manchester, Vermont, Ai Squared is a worldwide leader in computer access solutions for the visually impaired. Ai Squared's screen magnification and screen reading products dramatically improve a computer's usability and friendliness for the low vision user, raising their level of productivity, satisfaction and independence. The family of Ai Squared products includes ZoomText, BigShot and VisAbility. For more information please visit Ai Squared on the internet at www.aisquared.com

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