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Ai Squared Releases ZoomText 7.1 Powerful New Features and Support for Windows XP

December 17th, 2001 - Manchester, VT. Ai Squared, a worldwide leader in computer access solutions, is proud to announce the release of ZoomText(r) 7.1 - featuring support for Windows XP. ZoomText magnifies and speaks the screen making computers accessible and friendly to low-vision users. With ZoomText 7.1, low-vision users can now fully enjoy the benefits of Windows XP, using the same high quality magnification and screen reading they've grown accustomed to. Support for Windows XP extends Ai Squared's commitment to CompatibilityOne - support for all Windows operating systems in a single package. CompatibilityOne saves the user a substantial amount of time, money and effort, alleviating the need to purchase and install new accessibility software when migrating to a new operating system. ZoomText 7.1 also support Windows ME (Millennium Edition), Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Windows 98 and Windows 95. "Ai Squared has been working with Microsoft to ensure that low-vision computer users have the right tools to take advantage of Windows XP", said Ben Weiss, President of Ai Squared. "We're committed to delivering the best computer access solutions for all Windows operating systems." ZoomText 7.1 now includes IBM's ViaVoice speech synthesizer, a favorite among screen-reader users. ViaVoice offers articulate and responsive speech output in a variety of male and female voices. Multiple languages are available, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, and Portuguese. Support for Java applications has also been added, allowing ZoomText to magnify, track and speak programs that support the Java Access Bridge. This feature will be well received in corporate and government markets where use of Java applications is growing. Rounding out the new 7.1 features is a command interface for Naturally Speaking, a popular voice recognition package. Users of Naturally Speaking can now control ZoomText with simple speech commands - a great benefit to those who have difficulties using the mouse and keyboard. Low cost upgrades to 7.1 are available to all registered users of ZoomText. Level 1 upgrades are $50 for 7.0 users and $99 for users of version 6 and earlier. Level 2 upgrades are $75 for 7.0 users and $149 for users of version 6 and earlier. Users who have enrolled in the ZoomText Annual Subscription Plan will receive the 7.1 upgrade automatically. For further information about ZoomText 7.1, contact the Ai Squared sales department at (802) 362-3612 or sales@aisquared.com. Headquartered in Manchester, Vermont, Ai Squared is a worldwide leader in computer access solutions for the visually impaired. Ai Squared's screen magnification and screen reading products dramatically improve a computer's usability and friendliness for the low vision user, raising their level of productivity, satisfaction and independence. The family of Ai Squared products includes ZoomText, BigShot and VisAbility. For more information please visit Ai Squared on the internet at www.aisquared.com.

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