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Welcome to Peter's accessibility corner

In peter's accessibility corner you find information about how to make computers, software, information and the Internet accessible for everybody in the world.
A lot of publications on this theme are posted in closed discussion listings and hard to find by the general public.
In this corner I want to present these publications to everybody.
A lot of people in this world have problems accessing computers, software, information and the Internet. There are manufacturers that produce accessibility features to help them accessing the computer. But making information accessible for everybody is not only a mission of a selected group of manufacturers. It is a mission for everybody.

Website designers can make their webpages accessible by using the right tools and study the documentation about this theme.
Political parties and governments of all nations in the world can stimulate accessibility by legislation. Mass consumer products must be save. There is legislation on environment polution. There is legislation on how fast you may drive a car. Why not legislation on accessibility!!!

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