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Cheap Screen Magnifier
The powerful screen magnifier for Windows, for only $24.95!

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Alternative Mouse Software (9)
Here you findIf you have problems to find the mouse on your desktop? This software can help you to make the mouse cursor more visible
Chat with Speech Output (2)
Chat via IRC channels with other persons on the Internet with speech output support.
Instead of reading messages in chatrooms from your screen a software Text-To-Speech program read the messages for you
Reading Software (8)
Software for reading printed material by using a scanner and a computer. These software packages makes it very easy for visually impaired people to read printed material.
Screen Magnifiers (53)
Here you find demos of professional screen magnifiers and freeware and shareware magnification utilities
Screen Readers (6)
Screen readers or screen review utilities help people who are blind or low vision people who can not use a screen magnifier to access a graphical user interface like Windows and Macintosh.
All screen readers offers speech support most of them also offers support of braille displays.
Before downloading and installing this software please first read the information in the related category!
Text-To-Speech software (21)
Here you find programs that read documents, e-mail and your favorite web pages. To run these programs you only need a sound card.
Useful Programs (8)
Here you find useful programs that can improve accessibility for sight impaired people to computers and information.


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