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Supernova Version 12 Release Set To Shake Up The Screen Magnifier Market

16 November, 2010 by Peter Verhoeven

The screen magnification market looks set for a significant shake up following the recent release of an updated screen access solution from one of the Worlds original accessibility experts - Dolphin Computer Access. As with previous releases, SuperNova version 12 boasts screen magnification, screen reading suitable for users with no useful sight, as well as Braille display support – all fully synchronised. Notably however, for low vision computer users, SuperNova now also delivers four new magnifier innovations that should re-ignite the whole magnifier debate.

Immediately available in UK English, US English, Australian English, Welsh, Dutch, French, Belgian French, Belgian Dutch, Spanish, Swedish and Slovak, SuperNova version 12 now includes support for multiple monitors, a brand new text smoothing technology called “True Fonts”, large scalable mouse pointers and an interestingly named and unique feature called “Mouse Buffer”! These new Dolphin innovations have been developed by Mike Hill, Dolphin’s Development Director, who was also brought the first combined magnification and screen reading software to the access technology market in 1998, in the form of SuperNova version 1. Reported by some as having ‘rediscovered his magical touch’, Mike more recently developed the first screen magnification support for Citrix and terminal server environments.

Colin Shales, SuperNova user and author of “Colin’s Column”, a Facebook blog that explores what’s new in SuperNova, explains more about his personal experiences of version 12.

“True Fonts is a brand new text smoothing technology. No matter what size magnification I use, the text is always smooth and crystal clear; the magnified apps simply look stunning. For me the clarity of the text has made reading quicker, especially when dashing between applications at speed. Being able to magnify diagonal and vertical text is also a real bonus. “

“I was always a little sceptical about the benefits of using multiple monitors, but having several applications all magnified across three monitors has been a real boost; not just for my speed, but also for my productivity. Sometimes I am using Firefox magnified on the first monitor and Word magnified on the second. Sometimes it’s Excel on the first and hooked areas on the second. The truth is that SuperNova’s multiple monitor support is practical and flexible. There are five modes to choose from including a presentation mode that allows you to read magnified notes on your laptop, whilst presenting unmagnified slides via the projector.”

“The SuperNova Mouse Buffer feature is already a huge hit with the other SuperNova users I am talking to on Colin’s Column. If you are using two or more monitors it is normal for the mouse pointer to move from the current monitor to the next when it reaches the edge of the screen. Dolphin's unique Mouse Buffer feature prevents the pointer moving to another monitor unintentionally. The Mouse Buffer creates a soft barrier between each monitor. There is even a Buffer Resistance slider that can be used to control how much effort is needed to push the mouse pointer on to the next monitor. People really love this feature.”

“Included by popular demand, SuperNova version 12 also includes scalable large mouse pointers. The size of the magnified mouse pointer can now be set independently of the magnification level and both fixed and relative sizes are available to choose from. My preference is for a fixed custom mouse pointer size 3 in red. My mouse pointer remains 3 times its original size irrespective of the magnification level I am using at that time. This prevents the mouse getting smaller and becoming lost at low magnification levels. But equally this prevents the mouse pointer becoming too large and obscuring the text at higher magnification levels.”

SuperNova version 12 is available in four editions, each specifically designed for computer users with different levels of visual impairment.

SuperNova Magnifier and SuperNova Reader Magnifier are perfect for low vision or partially sighted computer users.

SuperNova Screen Reader is ideal for blind computer users or people with no useful sight. The SuperNova Access Suite is designed for organisations looking for a ‘total’ accessibility solution.

People interested in learning more about SuperNova can visit the SuperNova pages on the Dolphin Computer Access website

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