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WinZoom 4 and the Windows 7 Magnifier Reviewed by AccessWorld

06 January, 2011 by Peter Verhoeven

In the January edition of AccessWorld you can find a helpful review of the mid-range screen magnifier WinZoom and the free Windows 7 screen magnifier utility.


In terms of functionality and scope, WinZoom does not compare with higher-cost, more full-featured screen magnifiers or readers such as ZoomText or LunarPlus, but if you are looking for a nice, mid-range magnifier solution, particularly one for traveling or multiple computers, the WinZoom USB/Standard could work for you. WinZoom is very easy to install and use, but it is limited by its lack of support for keyboard focus and significant slowdown on older PCs. If you are interested in WinZoom, we recommend that you download a free 30-day trial to make sure that the program can run on your PC and works well for your needs.

Visit the WinZoom website for a free 30 day trial

Windows 7 Magnifier

For a very basic level magnifier, the Windows 7 magnifier is a significant improvement over previous versions, but is still far less capable than you would find from a third-party screen magnifier.

The lack of options for color modes and font smoothing, along with the problems with blocky and blurry text and keyboard focus make it difficult to recommend this program to any visually impaired user. That being said, for a free program built into Windows, this magnifier is usable for basic functions and improves on earlier Windows magnifiers by adding keyboard shortcuts and a full screen mode.

Visit AccessWorld for the complete WinZoom and Windows 7 Magnifier review.

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