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New Magnifier App for iPhone Eye Reader from NetSoft

13 April, 2011 by Peter Verhoeven

Eye Reader is a reading magnifier that utilizes the LED light of the iPhone 4, providing a solution to reading small print in dark areas like reading menus in restaurants.

Unlike an ordinary magnifier, the EyeReader efficiently uses the iPhone 4 bright LED light to illuminate any surface up to 5X magnification. It's also the first of several iPhone and iPad apps the company says it's developing for people over the age of 45.

"Older adults are looking for apps that meet their needs," said Gerry Lavender, who came up with the idea for the app. "You may forget your reading glasses, but you're never without your iPhone.

Lavender may have a (somewhat unsettling) point about separation anxiety and our digital communicators, but we'll have to see if his other one--that Baby Boomers will pick up phones in lieu of glasses or a magnifying lens--holds true in the app marketplace (though the press release claims users in 21 countries have already purchased it).

The app can be downloaded from the iTunes store for $1.99.

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