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Comparison of Three Low-Cost Hand-Held, Camera-Model Video Magnifiers

10 August, 2011 by Peter Verhoeven

In the August edition of AccessWorld you find a comparison of three low-cost hand-held videio magnifiers and two free screen readers.

A Comparison of Three Low-Cost, Hand-Held, Camera-Model Video Magnifiers: Vision Booster Magnifier, Carson DR-200 ezRead, and Wireless Electronic Reading Aid.

The three products reviewed in this article (each selling for less than $150) are hand-held camera-model electronic magnifiers that use a camera unit similar to a computer mouse. When connected to a standard television or computer monitor, these easily transportable devices can be used for viewing text and graphics.

NonVisual Desktop Access and Thunder: A Comparison of Two Free Screen readers.

This article summarizes the results of a project conducted in the AFB TECH lab that compared the performance of NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) and Thunder, two free screen readers for Windows computers, on several of today's common tasks.

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